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Meet Trainer DJ! Since childhood, he has connected with all animals, especially dogs who he believes are remarkable, loyal and loving.  To gain experience with animals, he started working with dogs at a boarding and grooming salon. He quickly became interested in dog psychology and began pursuing his career in animal training. DJ is known to be a patient and skilled trainer who strives to make the best training decisions for every dog. He graduated from Jo- Thor Training Academy. He has worked on specialized behavior techniques and trained with multiple high level trainers including Jo-Thor herself.  He brings energy to his group classes and finds creative solutions to incorporating obedience in his fun-filled sessions.

All About Me

I grew up in Marietta Georgia. I like to go hiking and play basketball in my spare time. I have grown up with dogs and they have always been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. My first job started in a kennel and from there my passion grew. I realized that I was interested in the behavior of each and every dog, why they did certain things. Licking, chewing, barking, scratching. If they were nervous? happy? scared? and what was causing those feelings. How to help a dog feel safe when they are boarding, how to build their confidence. 






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