Care + Luxury + Innovation

The Regal Beagle Resort + Spa is located at 27 Eastside Trail Dallas, Ga 30157. Located just outside of West Cobb. Call us today at                     to book your stay today!

Our building provides 6,800 square feet to pamper your pooch with five separate outdoor turf yards with an additional 1,500 square feet for relaxation and lodging around. The Regal Beagle Resort + Spa will parallel a dog’s natural instincts, ensuring the highest level of health and safety for dogs of all shapes and sizes. We deep clean every morning using only the best quality products from our friends at              . All of our animal care takers are trained in using these special products. Our lobby is open from 8am - 6pm Monday through Saturday and 9am - 11am then 4pm - 6pm on Sunday. Our animal care takers arrive one hour prior and leave one hour later to make sure that all of our resort guest are well taken care of. 

Lodging Types

Resort Activities and Ammenities

  • Raised Cot: All of our guest receive a freshly laundered hypoallergenic bed, daily as our standard bedding. Though if you would like to upgrade to a raised bed this is great to help keep your pet comfortable. The lightweight material makes them feel like they are sleeping on a cloud. Relieves stress off their joints, and pressure points, increases air flow. $4/night

  • Romp N' Play: Has your dog passed our temperament test? If so, then your dog can play with some new friends. Our Romp N' Play is all day play outside. After breakfast they get to go outside and play with their friends all day! $13 add'l per day/ per dog 

  • Pampered Pooch: One on One Play time with one of our animal care takers, throw the frisbee, tennis ball, tug of war... which ever your pet enjoys, or maybe just someone to pet and give them extra hugs and love $10/session of pets who are lodging in the same suite. 

  • Good Night Cuddles: Once everybody is in bed and the staff is ready to turn out the lights, someone will do a last minute tuck-in and goodnight Kiss. This includes an in house treat or any special goodies that you want given to your fur baby can be done at this time. $4/night for pets who are lodging in the same suite.

  •  Puppa Latte: This is a pup size cup of whipped cream. $2/ea. 

  • Mid-day Snack or treat of your choice: cookie $1.00 ice cream $2.50 OR Peanut Butter Filled Kong $3 

  • Pool Party (weather permitting) includes frozen-ice treat, playtime in the pool, laying in the sun and bobbin' for an All natural hotdog. $25 

  • In-House Food: The Regal Beagle Resort serves Purina Pro Plan EN- Gastrointestinal Diet to those guest who prefer to pack light! $4/day

  • Medications/Supplements:  $2/Per Administration (this is a dispensing charge) for those who need little extra attention. 

  • Report Cards: All guest will receive a report card via email when your check out with a few pictures during their stay (min. 2 night stay) Free!

  • A Deposit of 20% of your entire stay is required for holiday boarding. 


Things To Know 

  • To help provide the best service check-in times are before 4:00pm. If this time doesn't work with your schedule contact our staff to make other accommodations. *No check-in on Holidays*

  • We prefer you bring pre- portioned meals, labeled.  One favorite toy and some special treats. 

  • Always provide a few extra meals when boarding... Emergencies come up and if your trip gets extended we want to feed your pet their normal food. 

  • Night times are cozy with soft bedding and blankets.

  • Check-out time is before 2 P.M. Dogs not picked up by the requested time will require additional care and charged only $9 per pet. *No check-out on Holidays*

  • ​Pets not picked up prior to closing time will be considered overnight guests and be charged an additional night’s boarding stay.

  • For security purposes, proper photo identification may be required to release any pet.

  • First time boarding cannot be on major holidays. 

  • First time boarding cannot be 5 nights or more.

*If you need to board your pet, you will be required to do a trial night or weekend prior to make sure your pet(s) is comfortable with us.*

  • There may be minimum night requirements on certain holiday boarding.

  • If you stay 7 consecutive nights, you will get the 8th night on us!  



Note: When booking, please let us know if you want your companion bathed or groomed.